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Portable TVPortable TV - Portable TV's are becoming more popular because of prices coming down, more people on the move & generally people just wanting the latest gadgets. We cover portable LCD TV's, portable color TV's, portable TV DVD's & more.

Portable battery operated televisions are the simple and easy way to watch a hand held portable TV while travelling or in an emergency. Portable TV batteries range from standard disposables to rechargeable lithium ion.

Battery powered tv and radio
Battery Powered TV and Radio

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Portable battery operated televisions are one of the most suitable ways to watch TV programs in a situation where a power source is not available, for example camping or hiking. Some of the portable televisions may already have some form of battery included with the package, these are generally rechargeable batteries such as lithium ion.

Black and white battery tv (Click to enlarge)
Black and White Battery TV

Sylvania 5" black and white TV and radio

  • 5" black and white screen
  • Built-in FM/AM radio
  • 3.5mm headphone socket
  • Antenna included in package
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Powered by AC/DC power or 8 x D batteries (not included)
  • Includes AC adapter and 'cigar lighter' plug for car/boat use
  • Note: TV licence required
    This portable battery operated television is able to operate outdoors without a power source providing it has sufficient battery power.
    Price: $26.99
    Available from Best Buy

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    Big Dave - Wholesale clearance prices for hand held battery operated TVs. www.big-dave.com

    Lilliput widescreen portable tv (Click to enlarge)
    Lilliput Widescreen Portable TV

    Lilliput 7" TFT LCD TV / monitor and remote control

  • 7 inches (diagonal) active matrix slim panel display
  • High resolution (H x V): 1440 x 234 = 336,960 pixels
  • Advanced color configuration: RGB stripe
  • Built-in multi-format TV systems: PAL/NTSC
  • Support PAL I, BG, and DK sound system
  • Auto Search & 90 channels preset/memory
  • Video system: PAL/NTSC auto conversion
  • No radiation (better for eyes? protection)
  • External aerial input jack (adapter included)
  • DVD/VCD/Security system/ GPS Navigation system compatible
  • Can be directly powered by the car battery (12V)
  • Car cigarette lighter socket adapter included
  • Auto-switch main adapter 110 - 240 V
  • Power consumption: 11W
  • Optional 6 hr battery pack (ú39.99)
    Price: ú79.98
    Available from Allcam

    Many of the portable battery operated televisions require a preliminary charge before use, this is only if they are rechargeable batteries or lithium ion. Disposable batteries can be used instead of rechargeable batteries in certain models of portable television, but many people prefer to charge the flat batteries rather than spend money on purchasing up to 10 new ones for their portable battery operated television.

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