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Portable tv dvd (Click to enlarge)
Portable TV DVD

Portable TV's are becoming more popular because of prices coming down, more people on the move & generally people just wanting the latest gadgets. We cover portable LCD TV's, portable color TV's, portable TV DVD's & more.

Portable lcd tv (Click to enlarge)
Portable LCD TV (Click to enlarge)

Over the past 20 years the technology used in portable televisions has changed dramatically, circuitry has gotten more advanced, screens have gotten clearer, reception has been improved and the overall style of portable TV's has changed. All of these changes result in up to date, high tech portable and hand held televisions for use in many different places such as around the home or in the car.

Many portable TV manufacturers such as Toshiba, Sony and Hitachi have begun to use LCD technology in more of their products, even though this new type of screen offers different properties to an ordinary CRT screen there are still many portable and hand held TVs which use the older types of screen.

Products such as portable DVD and Video combo TVs are becoming more popular also, by integrating a DVD and video player into a portable or hand held TV, the owner can have the benefits of all the appliances in one combination.

Portable tv combo (Click to enlarge)
Portable TV Combo (Click to enlarge)

By making television mobile, people can enjoy their favorite programs practically anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Some smaller hand held TVs come equipped with a DVD player, these "tablet styled" televisions act as both TV tuner and DVD player allowing people to watch films on the move.

Depending on the model of portable television, it may require normal batteries or it might be possible to recharge it if it uses a lithium ion battery.

Portable LCD TVLCD TV - Portable LCD TVs offer a higher quality picture and a smaller portable size for TVs, allowing for a higher screen resolution and a lighter weight. This also applies for hand held portable LCD TVs.

Portable Color TVColor TV - Portable color TVs have replaced the older black and white portable TVs from many years ago, portable color TVs and hand held TVs now come with integrated DVD features.

Portable TV DVD PlayerTV DVD Player - Portable TV DVD players were developed to allow the user to watch DVDs and also TV while they are on the move, These DVD players are small and compact allowing them to be easily carried around.

Portable TV ComboTV Combo - Portable TV combos are one of the most efficient ways to have both TV and DVD or VHS player in one place while saving space. It is this feature that makes portable TV combos so popular for caravans and motor homes.

AC/DC Portable TelevisionAC DC TV - AC/DC portable televisions are suitable for those who prefer to just watch their favorite TV channels rather than mess around with replacing or recharging batteries.

Colby Portable TelevisionColby TV - Colby portable televisions are suitable for taking on vacation, during a journey or simply watching around the house or garden. Many of these TVs can be connected to a DVD player or games console.

Portable Satellite TVSatellite TV - Portable satellite TV is a method of watching many different channels on a portable television while being away from the usual TV signals found in an urban area, for example while on a caravan or sailing vacation.

Portable Battery Operated TelevisionBattery TV - Portable battery operated televisions are the simple and easy way to watch a hand held portable TV while travelling or in an emergency. Portable TV batteries range from standard disposables to rechargeable lithium ion.

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Some portable and hand held TVs can be integrated into an in car system allowing passengers to watch DVDs and live television, live television will require an active stream which can be received from your car aerial provided there is a signal.

Portable satellite TV is also a product which can be used in a vehicle, small satellite dishes receive TV signals from many regions of many different countries allowing people to watch TV freely.

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